We have all experienced circumstances that are beyond our control and leave us powerless. Circumstances can powerfully affect our decisions and even seemingly dictate our next step. Most often, we look at what is happening around us, examine the evidence, judge the situation, and make the most logical decision. Logical in the face of the observable evidence.

That’s what happened to the elders of Israel in Joshua 9. The Gibeonites were inhabitants of Canaan. They had heard the stories of the Exodus, the power of God displayed in the 10 Plagues, the kings of their own region defeated and disposed. They made a plan to deceive the Israelites and save their lives; and the plan worked. They presented themselves as travel stained and weary envoys from a distant land. All the observable evidence seemingly confirmed their story: stale provisions, burst wine skins, torn clothing and worn sandals all told the story they wanted Joshua and the elders to see. The verse that comes next in the story has always struck me:

“So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the Lord.” (Joshua 9:14 ESV)

Are we like this? Do we make what we consider a logical decision without seeking God for wisdom? Do we observe the evidence, draw conclusions and decide upon a course of action that seems to best reflect the demands of our circumstances and what is best for us? Or do we pause? Do we seek God’s guidance and his direction before we act?

God longs to lead us and asks that we patiently wait for His counsel. My prayer is that I would grow in praying, seeking and waiting for God’s sovereign guidance in all circumstances.

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